Sunday, March 18, 2012

The depths

Yes. This is what it appears to be. It is a bowl of clementines that have been EQUALLY SHARED among the people that reside under my roof. The reason for this is the rapidity with which the clementines seem to disappear once they appear under the afore mentioned roof. Apparently, in my house, clementines = popcorn and are snacked down accordingly.
Short of stashing clem's in various locations around the house (which, I think we all agree, may end badly) the next best thing is to equally divide them and then, yes, Label Each Stinking One!  Will this work? I really don't know. But I can, with almost desperate certainty say that I will get At Least One Clementine out of This Box!!!!!


Hello all.

Here is where we (we being anyone living with me (me being one thread two thread) ) can post whatever it is that they feel that they want to share with family and, perhaps, with the world.
Here is also where I will be posting about anything that I do that is not craft/art related.